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You have somehow managed to find my page. This is 金琛然 (jīn chēn rán) . I am seeking Full-Time Software Engineer Job (backend/iOS) right now. Experienced in Java, Python, PHP, and Swift. Familiar with Go and C. After 3 years at Valdosta State University, I transferred to Univ. at Buffalo, changed my major to computing and applied mathematics. I stumbled upon a good idea to put together what I easily forget, and it is not public right now.

Here is more about me:


University at Buffalo

Aug 2017- Dec 2020 Bachelor of Arts: Computing and Applied Mathematics
Activities: UB ACM IEEE Buffalo Section UB Hackathon 2018 UBCSSA

Valdosta State University (transferred)

Aug 2015 - Jun 2017 Bachelor of Science: Computer Science

Relevant Coursework:

Discrete Structures
Data Structures
Data-Oriented Computing for Math
Scientific and Mathematical Computing

Experience & Internship

Asia Food Market (Ren's Market)

Sep 2020 - Present ERP Manager & E-Commercial Director

  • Integrating SAP Business One with several warehouses and supply chain systems in four branches.
  • Building e-commercial platform using LNMP architecture. Import, sync, and connect back-office inventory information and front-end POS system over 28k categories stocks.
  • Communicating technical details with third-party outsourcers.


May 2014 - Present Director of Tech Dept.

  • Built and maintaining the official website with team members.
  • Leading team used LAMP framework to build a social platform for the Model United Nations.
  • Developed a conference management system with LNMP and Laravel framework for more than 2k individual and school-wide conferences.

B.O. Technology

May 2018 - Aug 2018 Java Software Engineer Intern

  • Assisted engineers in setting up office automation programs based on Java EE and Java Web Application for the local governments and courts.
  • Complete the office process and review form sections using existing java methods and self-built JS functions.
  • Drafted technical documents, including user manuals, implementation documentation and support base entries.

Shanxi Province television

May 2015 - Aug 2015 Post-production Intern

  • Coordinate the division of labor in live shows with the director.
  • Participate in professional training on TV show post-production skill.
  • Edit, encode and push the video to the official TV signal.


UB Hacking - Volunteer 2018

  • Kept facilities organized, clean and well-maintained to best meet program needs.
  • Improved operations by assisting with various entry-level tasks, saving valuable time for busy staff.
  • Welcomed students and answering questions to provide excellent customer service.

Guide Dog Foundation - Raiser 2017

  • Facilitated up to 20 potential guide dogs to various training grounds to help them get acquainted with the outside environment.
  • Administered weekly training and practice sessions with potential guide dogs in order to teach them basic obedience commands.
  • Oversaw the care and training of a newborn puppy to interact with people easily.


# Last Update Oct 2020
programming_language = ['Python', 'Java', 'C', 'Swift', 'PHP', 'HTML/CSS', 'SQL', 'Shell', 'JavaScript']
tools_and_libraries = ['TensorFlow', 'PyTorch', 'Pandas', 'Google Cloud Platform', 'Vim', 'Arduino', 'Linux', 'Node', 'Git']
languages = ['Mandarin Chinese', 'English', 'Elementary Japanese']

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