Basic Shortcut of MFS

Collected some shortcuts of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Just in case I forget it.

Simulator Command

Command Shortcut
Pause P
Full Screen Mode Alt + Enter
Show/Hide Menu Alt
Show/Hide ATC Menu ? or Scroll Lock
Show/Hide Kneeboard Shift + F10
Sounds Q
Reset Current Flight Ctrl + ;
Save Flight ;
Exit FS Ctrl + C
Exit FS Immediately Ctrl + Break
Enable/Disable Rocker Ctrl + K
Global Coordinate or Frame Rate Shift + Z
Select First 1
Select Second 2
Select Third 3
Select Forth 4
Time Compress R
Drop Material Shift + D
Request Tanker Shift + F
Show/Hide Aircraft Label Ctrl + Shift + L
Show/Hide Skill Tips Ctrl + Shift + X
Increase Selection =
Increase Selection Slowly Shift + =
Decrease Selection
Decrease Selection Slowly Shift + –
Screenshot V
Runway (Attach/Detach) Ctrl + J

Instrumentation Command

Command Shortcut
Reset Heading Indicator D
Reset Altimeter B
Pilot Tube Heating Switch Shift + H

Aircraft Control Command

Command Shortcut
Aileron Left Tilt [NumPad] 4
Aileron Right Tilt [NumPad] 6
Aileron Left Trim Ctrl + [NumPad] 4
Aileron Right Trim Ctrl + [NumPad] 6
Vertical Tail Right Yaw [NumPad] Enter
Vertical Tail Left Yaw [NumPad] 0
Vertical Tail Right Trim Ctrl + [NumPad] Enter
Vertical tail Left Trim Ctrl + [NumPad]
Center the Aileron/ Vertical Tail [NumPad] 5
Horizontal Elevator Down [NumPad] 8
Horizontal Elevator Up [NumPad] 2
Elevator Trim Down [NumPad] 7
Elevator Trim Up [NumPad] 1
Flap Put Away F5
Flap put Away Slowly F6
Flap Stretch Out Slowly F7
Flap Stretch Out F8
Open/Close Spoiler /
Arm Spoiler Shift + /

Engine Control Command

Command Shortcut
Select Engine E + Engine#
Select All Engines E + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4
Cut Off Throttle Valve F1
Recoil F2
Reduce Throttle Valve F2
Increase Throttle Valve F3
Max Throttle Valve F4
Propeller Low Speed Ctrl + F1
Propeller Increase Speed Ctrl + F3
Propeller Hight Speed Ctrl + F4
Oil&Gas Mix Idle Cut Off Ctrl + Shift + F1
Oil&Gas Mix Fast Lean Ctrl + Shift + F2
Oil&Gas Mix Rich Oil Ctrl + Shift + F3
Oil&Gas Mix Full Rich Oil Ctrl + Shift + F4
Magnetic Motor Select M
Main Bettery or Alternator Shift + M
Jet Engine Start Button J
Helicopter Rotor Clutch Switch Shift + .
Helicopter Rotor Regulator Switch Shift + ,
Helicopter Rotor Break Switch Shift + B
Increase Selection =
Increase Selection Slowly Shift + =
Reduce Selection Slowly Shift + –
Reduce Selection

Aircraft Control Command

Command Shortcut
Break Ctrl + .
Tail Wheel Direction Shift + p [1/2]
Release Break .
Left Break [NumPad] + +
right Break [NumPad] + –
Gear G
Lock/Unlock Tail Wheel Shift + G
Manual Mode Gear Down Ctrl + G
Show/Hide Sub-panel Shift + (1-9)
Smoke System Switch |
Engine Cover Flap Open Slowly Ctrl + Shift + V
Engine Cover Flap Close Slowly Ctrl + Shift + C
Request traction Plane Ctrl + Shift +Y
Request Traction Rope Shift + Y


Command Shortcut
All Light Switch L
Strobe Light Switch O
Panel Light Switch Shift + L
Landing Light Switch Ctrl + L
Landing Light Turn Left Ctrl + Shift + [NumPad] 4
Landing Light Turn Right Ctrl + Shift + [NumPad] 6
Landing Light Turn Up Ctrl + Shift + [NumPad] 8
Landing Light Keep Center Ctrl + Shift + [NumPad] 5


Command Shortcut
VOR 1 Switch Ctrl + 1
VOR 2 Switch Ctrl + 2
MKR Switch Ctrl + 3
DME Switch Ctrl + 4
ADF Switch Ctrl + 5
Alternating Frequency X
NAV Radio Selection N
OBS Indicator Selection Shift + V
ADF Selection Ctrl + Shift + A
DME Selection F
Radar Transceiver Selection T

Auto Pilot

Command Shortcut
Main Switch Z
Flight Guide Switch Ctrl + F
Yaw Damper Switch Ctrl + D
Height Maintain Ctrl + Z
Height Knob Selection Ctrl + Shift + Z
Direction Maintain Switch Ctrl + H
Direction Knob Selection Ctrl + Shift + H
Speed Maintain Switch Ctrl + R
Mach Maintain Switch Ctrl + M
Auto Accelerator Shift + R
TOGA Ctrl + Shift + G
NAV1 Maintain Switch Ctrl + N
Reentry Mode Switch Ctrl + A
Anti-channel Mode Switch Ctrl + B
Locate Beacons Maintain Switch Ctrl + O
Posture Maintain Switch Ctrl + T


Command Shortcut
Compass U
Compass Target Next K
Compass Target Previous Shift + K